Why Backlinks Are Important For SEO

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links that are directed towards your website and are good indicators of the importance and popularity of the website. The number of backlinks is also usually an indication of the importance or popularity of that website. Good quality backlinks usually make Google rank a website highly and with relevance. Good quality backlinks are those where there is a backlink that points to your site and the content on that site is also relevant to your own site. When the relevance of the content increases, the quality of the backlink also increases.

When the backlink is a quality one, then this implies good SEO. This is an most important thing because you can rank well in the search results. Google will always give more credit to websites having a good number of quality backlinks. These natural links are the ones that point to your site through other people’s blog posts, guest posts or through comments. The quality of the backlink is determined by the content of the site by the search engines. When inbound links are found on sites that have unrelated content, they are then considered less relevant.

The following are reasons why backlinks are important for SEO:

> The more the backlinks the more the site is credible and the more that it will come on top of the search engines

> Backlinks from an active site will make Google index your site quickly.

> Backlinks directly affect your page rank as well. A backlink from a high PR and high quality site can make your site also have a good PR.

> The links also bring high traffic to your site.

> Backlinks help search engines decide the order the websites will be ranked because they are a piece of an algorithm.

The following are ways to get backlinks:

1. Article Directories which are free to join. Once you have joined, you will then submit a unique article to the directory, and you therefore get a free backlink, or many free backlinks.

2. Forums allow links to be put in signatures or the about section of your profile.

3. Website directory links to numerous websites by category.

4. Social bookmarking is one where you are allowed to submit specific pages from sites so that you get a backlink.

Other ways to build backlinks is by performing link exchanges and submitting guest articles.

Finally it is important to keep track of your backlinks because this is the only way that you can find which sites link back to your site and which sites do not. The source of the backlinks should be reputable and respected. The age of the link is taken as the amount of time the link has been active from the time the search crawlers first found it. This is important for SEO, because search engines give a lot of power to backlinks that have been in place for a longer period of time, as compared to the very recently placed ones.